CLO Symposium 2021

room The Landmark London

Join us at The Landmark London for the Creditflux Manager Awards 2021

Going into its 13th year, the Creditflux team looks forward to bringing the industry’s leading global awards show back to a physical stage. The Creditflux Manager Awards provide a reminder of the strengths of the global CLO market and will recognize managers who weathered the turbulence of 2020 and early 2021 and outperformed their peers.

Step 1: Data submission in early May

Data lies at the heart of all the Creditflux Manager Awards categories, whether they are for CLOs, CLO Funds, or direct lending funds. The process beings with a call for submissions from managers.

Step 2: Submission window closes on May 21 2021

After submissions are received, analysis is conducted using data submitted to our CLO-I, credit hedge funds and Funds Data databases.

Step 3: Finalists announced July 28 2021

The list of finalists will be published in the August Creditflux newsletter before being announced online shortly afterwards.

Step 4: Winners announced on September 8 at the Creditflux Manager Awards 2021

The winners in each category will be announced live during the Creditflux Manager Awards Dinner, and will return to the Landmark Hotel in London. This gala dinner, held after our annual Creditflux CLO Symposium, brings together arrangers, advisors, managers and investors to celebrate outstanding achievement by CLO, fund and direct lending managers.